Cobra 14000 Series

78,800 ft lb (109 kNm)

Main Features

  • Amazing crane rating / weight ratio
  • Swedish high tensile steel
  • Hexagonal boom design single weld
  • Continuous (non stop) slewing
  • Big size pins nitrated
  • Planetary gear winch with non twisting cable
  • Patented pull line limiter system
  • Excellent winch single line break strength to better absorb shock load
  • Programmable load limiting device
  • Digital proportionl remote control unit (2,4 GHz) with single hand or with belly-box paddle type transmitter
  • Mechanical A2B system
  • A2B counterweight storage new design unit with standard auto-release feature
  • Installation kit included


  • H: P.T.O. driven

Telescopic boom system
Two fully hydraulic stages



Crane rating: ft lb 78,800
Two telescopic extensions with fully hydraulic stages
Hydraulic extension: ft 28′
Horizontal extension (from center of rotation): ft 28′
Slewing rotation: Continuous (non stop)
Rope diameter (non twisting type): in 1/2″
Rope lenght: ft 115′
Crane weight: lb 2,460


Oil tank

13 gallons reservoir oil, with filter on return line (only PTO driiven)


Safety latch with sprine for swivel hook


Receiver for auxiliary functions (engine, compressor star/stop, truck engine accelerator)

Remote control wire

33 ft remote control wire where or whne radio operaton is not permitted


Counterweight for single line lifting

Manual winch kit

Manual winch kit for assisted anti-two block recovery


SCU – stability control kit for 1 extendable outriggers set (4 sensors) including aux. receiver

Workshop cable

Workshop cable for auxiliary receiver matching (to be always purchased along with 1st SCU)


11 F-ELHO K – One side hydraulic out, both legs hydraulic up/down